CEO | Founder of Shiine Artistry LLC

NJ Licensed Esthetician

 Certified Makeup Artist

Sunshine E. Cooper

Shiine Artistry was registered in the state of New Jersey, USA in August 2018.

OUR DRIVE | To encourage, empower, and motivate others to embrace one’s natural beauty with the ability to provide affordable, luxury skin care and cosmetics in which effectively helps protect and heal the skin’s barrier.

FOUNDER AND CEO | Sunshine E. Cooper was born and raised in Washington Heights, NY and loves giving back to the community. She naturally motivates others to be the best form of themselves, no matter what occurred throughout the day.

With artistic hidden talents, Sunshine constantly gravitated towards the arts learning a variety of things from singing, piano, modeling, acting to attending the New York City Museum School where she learned drawing and furthered her knowledge of graphic and web development.

Amongst it all she began to learn a variety dance techniques leading into teaching ballet, tap, and gymnastics classes to the youth. During her downtime  she continued practicing sketching the most which led her to begin applying makeup on models during NYFW, behind the scene on movie sets and more. All in which boosted her drive and passion of being able to express herself through art.



In 2013, she experienced an drastic change to her skin as she was brutally sun poisoned during one of New York’s Hottest Summers. This led to her being sensitized to a variety of products some of which included SPF’s that naturally would protect the skin.

Trying to find a cure, she spent alot of time feeling as if she was a test subject, from being prescribed a variety of products by dermatologists to high-end skincare and cosmetics products ranging from Estee Lauder, MAC Cosmetics, Mary Kay, and more. Unfortunately as amazing as those brands are to the world she found that many of those products contained too much chemicals, were too heavy on her skin causing clogged pores, some were not animal cruelty free, and overall were too expensive to be able to maintain a daily skin care regimen.


She was inspired to to create something that can not only heal her skin’s sensitivity but be able to commit to a daily regimen. In 2018 she decided she wanted to understand what is truly beneficial for the skin and see how her products can help others. With this in mind although working Fulltime, 6 days a week, 10hr shifts she made a sacrifice and attended the Parisian Beauty Academy: A Paul Mitchell Partner School in Hackensack, NJ to further her education on cosmetic chemistry resulting in becoming a Licensed NJ Esthetician and Certified Makeup Artist in 2019. 




The majority of individuals are either employed full-time, working 2 or more jobs, are entreprenuers of their own business, some being single parents, or just living life like a New Yorker and are constantly on the go. Unfortunately all in which causes less time to focus on self care that we each deserve.

This is the why Shiine Artistry was designed. An all natural, Vegan, Animal Cruelty Free, Skin Care and Cosmetics Company designed to help you find more time in embracing your natural beauty wether you love wearing your natural skin, looking for high-end products that enhances and protects your skin, or simply loves to wear makeup! Let us help you continue to be true to who you are and find your inner shiine!

whether it’s with my line or another, I hope you find a daily skincare regimen that helps you embrace your inner shine. If you are unsure of what to choose and need any recommendations, contact me to receive a free consultation.